Understanding PR

So, what really does ‘PR’ mean…?


PR – Public Relations – is key to the survival of every business or organisation.

Scale makes no difference. Your reputation means everything and, accordingly, your success depends on it.

Every person your business deals with will have an opinion on how you operate – this includes your customers, investors, employees, suppliers, the media… everyone.

Each one is important and can have a massive impact on your business – both positively or negatively – and should never be dismissed, overlooked or be treated flippantly.

These perceptions can be the difference between somebody investing or walking away – somebody buying your products or services – or advising others to steer clear. It’s hugely important and even if some of those perceptions are incorrect, left alone, they can fester and cause irreparable damage.

Every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success.

In today’s world of social media and online forums and feedback, your reputation – if managed well – can also be your biggest selling point. It can push you up above your competitors and give you a definite edge.

Great PR is worth its weight in gold. Look after your reputation and employ professionals who know how to nurture it.

What you do is important. How you do it is even more important. How others perceive your efforts is key to everything.

Grab their attention, make them aware of your company and product before you outreach to them directly via an email or in person.

Do some 'light' PR work, so to speak, and…

ICOs: Your PR Objectives


Your main aim is to be a huge success and when your ICO launches, watch as your tokens get snapped up in no time at all, correct?

To achieve this, you’ll need to tick an awful lot of boxes and work your socks off. You’ll also need a PR company that not only knows the territory but excels in the field.

For instance, there are some excellent PR companies out there, but unless they know their whales from their cryptocurrency, they’ll be floundering in shallow waters and likely end up beached on the shore.

Knowledge is power. In the world of ICOs, knowledge is everything.

ICOs are much more common and on the increase today than they were even 12 months ago. So, how can you make yours stand out?

More importantly, how to convince investors that your trustworthy?

There have been so many scams and fraudsters along the way, that trust is a key issue for any ICO. You need to know what needs to be done to make sure your offering wins the trust of investors and only great PR can do this.

The people who matter – those who are willing to back your ICO – are the investors and the media connected with it. Don’t expect coverage of a project that is only a pipedream – it has to be ready to go and on the launchpad to spark the kind of interest you’ll need.

And do you know where you can let the world know about your ICO?

If you’re thinking of Facebook, Google or Twitter, think again – ICO ads have been banned on all of the aforementioned platforms. There are tighter rules and regulations than ever before on ICO practices and you’ll need expert advice to guide you through the minefield.

It’s also worth remembering that most people have limited understanding of an ICO, and those who even have only a basic grasp are suspicious of them.

They are perceived as risky, volatile and prone to scams.

This is where a dynamic PR campaign can change everything.

Carefully planning and campaign structuring can build trust and garner the support and interest you so badly need.

Understanding the audience is critical – some are interested because they want to make a million dollars overnight, whereas some are actually interested in what you are trying to do and will want to be part of helping something take off – but knowing what to say to each type is not easy.

Experienced ICO PR experts will guide you and target each in a way that will be equally inviting.

Strategy is crucial. Knowing the landscape invaluable. Creating a campaign that covers all bases effectively and engagingly could be the difference between success and failure.

Budget accordingly


In the movie ‘Jaws’ the character Quint warns: “You've gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter.”

In other words, you only get what you pay for, so while there will be numerous PR agencies who will claim to be ICO experts and offer you a package that seems almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true,

Beware the bandwagon jumpers sniffing a quick buck but unable to deliver.

You need professionals. You need expertise in ICO campaigns. You need the best you can afford.

You need sharp, smart minds who are well connected with the industry.

A PR team who see the trends before they happen and act upon them to your benefit. You need all this and plenty more so research all you can on them? How many ICOs have they worked on? What are their success stories? What is THEIR reputation?

Hitting the right notes in the right order


When comically playing the piano out of tune in one of Britain’s most famous comedy sketches. Eric Morecambe responded to world renowned conductor Andre Previn assertion that he was playing all the wrong notes, he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and said, “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.”

The content your PR team create for your ICO has to hit the right notes in the right order.

How well connected are they? You need to know if their range of contacts reaches further than the Croydon Examiner and if so, ask to see exactly where they do reach to.

Having strong relations with Blockchain and ICO media must be a given for your chosen PR company.

But can they go beyond those boundaries? Do they have good relationships with editors and journalists at industry giants such as Forbes, Business Insider and The Financial Times? Can they get articles in The Next Web, Coin Trader or Hackernoon? If not, why not?

Are they on top of speaking opportunities and major conventions? Are they well connected and in tune with industry analysts? Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.

Engagement is key


Who wants to read a dull press release? Who even reaches the end of a dull press release?

If your PR campaign starts and end with the above (and plenty more dull releases of information in between, best give up the ghost now because nobody will be interested).

Your content shouldn’t be just good, it should be amazing and the best it can possibly be.

You should cover all bases, all platforms, all mediums and be imaginative, colourful and entertaining where possible.

With that in mind, your PR representatives should have an imaginative and talented design and production team.

Getting your message across in an engaging yet informative way – wherever possible – will grab people’s attention.

An Instagram story, Facebook video, well-thought out YouTube short, infographic, SEO-friendly articles, blogs and news releases… the list goes on – and with the right PR, you can have it all.

Become a thought-leader in your field, not a sheep following the pack.

What’s your story?


What’s your journey been? How did you get to this stage and who are the people that made it all happen?

You’ll need fantastic, engaging content – and lots of it – you’ll need to put out regular updates in the form of press releases, blogs, emails and articles.

Most of all, you’ll need to sell your story.

What is your ICO going to do? How did it come about? Who are the people driving it?

Make your stories colourful, truthful and shareable.

People have loved great stories from the days of cave dwellers until the present – yours should be amazing, different and unusual. That’s how you’ll get the interest you need.

Media: Buy it, own it, earn it


Earned media

The term ‘earned media’ refers to media exposure earned through a series of self-generated, organic initiatives via your website content, great SEO or word of mouth. It could, of course, be a combination of all these ticked boxes and it is recognition you’ve earned.

If there has been exposure already created, a good PR company will then take it to another level. They will target the media outlets that can continue to spread the word about your ICO through distributing relevant content in the form of articles, press releases, blogs and features on your company.

With a strategically planned social media campaign, the PR team can drive traffic to your site, release quotes, news and snippets that can provide the basis for external coverage that can drive traffic and leads to your ICO.

It’s vital the messaging is strong, the calls to action crystal clear so all your website hits are turned into positive actions such as signing up for your ICO White List, updates and anything else that can make your ICO as successful as possible.

Owned media

‘Owned media’ refers to the content that has already been created and is leverage owned, earned and paid that combines to form a comprehensive marketing strategy while being unique to your brand.

This is content you own and are in complete control of and is both compelling and relevant to the target audience.

Your website content, social media activity, blog posts and case studies are all uniquely yours, extensions of your brand as a whole and can provide value for on-going business.

Owned media is advantageous in that it is controlled and offers positive messages about your ICO.

A good PR team will focus on the content that best promotes your ICO and focus on spreading the word far beyond its current confines to a wider audience in the digital sphere.

The question is, are you exploiting all the opportunities available? Are you making the most of digital technology?  Are your social media platforms performing to their maximum potential and are they sending out the right messages? Do you have blogs that share interesting and relevant information?  In simple terms, the more owned media you have, the better.

Bought media

Paid media can be anything from promotional advertising on mediums that accept ICO ads, paying influencers to comment on your services and project, while retweeting and sharing your links is also a useful avenue. Your PR team should provide a bespoke campaign to best suit your ICO.


Hit the right audiences at the right times


PR is key for reaching the right people at the right time.

There’s no point targeting the smaller investors who speculate as a hobby or for fun at the Private Sale stage of your ICO.

For the private investors, your PR team should target high-brow international business media to attract the right people and let them know about your company, the ICO and why they should invest.

This should be the case throughout your ICO’s various stages, through to the first-time crypto investors who are looking for a more modest amount of tokens (yet still play a vital role) through the more mainstream media channels.

Get this wrong and your ICO will be no more than an unbalanced house of cards.

DisPRuptive – we tick all the right boxes


DisPRuptive don’t just claim to be the ideal ICO PR company, we have a proven track record that most of our competitors don’t come close to.

With offices in London and New York, DisPRuptive have already overseen the PR campaigns of dozens of ICOs around the world.

Our team of talented experts thrive on creating imaginative, bespoke campaigns for clients around the globe, from the UK to US, from Asia to the UAE, we have overseen XXX launches to date.

We guarantee…

  • fast, fluid & flexible PR
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