How To Improve Your SEO Through Strategic PR

SEO today is more about building and managing a reputation and leveraging your connections than ever before.


Think about it. Google has no mercy for murky link-building schemes and over-optimised assets. Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam team stated:
“The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’; the objective is that your links are natural.”


In simple words – your tech start-up’s marketing campaigns should be focused on obtaining ‘earned’ coverage for your brand and spreading your message organically to your target audience.


And that’s exactly where PR comes in.

How Online PR Compliments SEO

PR is all about establishing relationships with key influencers (such as relevant journalists) to help increase your company's visibility online (and offline) and to attract more attention to your offerings.
Modern SEO is an iteration of these relationships. It's no longer all about getting as many links to your domain and optimising your website’s back-end. It’s more about pushing your name forward and creating measurable online influence for your brand.
The best part - PR for start-ups in no longer intangible.
On the contrary; all the campaign results can be precisely attributed to certain channels, measured and analysed to understand what’s working or not.
At DISPRUPTIVE we specifically analyse how each placement performs in terms of:
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Social signals
  • Improved visibility and keyword growth.
As a result, you can see which marketing strategies work and what ROI they generate.
But that’s not all.
Digital PR can be strategically leveraged to impact the key search marketing ranking factors.
The strategies listed below will show you the exact correlation between good PR work and improved search visibility.

Link Building Through Earned Coverage

The ultimate goal of search engines is to deliver the most relevant and high-quality pages to the user based on their search query.
To measure the quality factor, Google largely relies on 'peer’s opinion' - meaning, that if other websites endorse a page with a link, it is deemed to be of better quality and relevant to the user’s search.
A couple of years ago, SEO used to be all about link quantity. The more domains (reputable or not) linked out to your website, the merrier. But it’s no longer the case in 2017.
Today, search engines vastly regard the quality of the domain linking out to yours. A mention from will have more impact than some posting on a blog run just for SEO purposes.
PR pros can help you with targeted media and influencer outreach campaigns to earn coverage and strong links. At DISPRUPTIVE, we also help start-up founders to establish themselves as industry thought leaders and land columns and interviews in top media outlets.

The Benefits of Earned Coverage:

  • Organic link building that does not violate Google policies
  • More search visibility for your brand
  • Referral traffic and leads from the published stories.

Improving Your Brand Visibility

Ever wondered why Forbes or Wikipedia consistently rank in top-5 search results for search queries?
The reason is that Google loves brands.
The search engine always gives preference to websites they consider as 'household' names.
To determine this, Google analyses the frequency and quantity of your brand name searches and mentions online. Google tries to understand how popular your company is and how often people look up your business name from different locations to establish your authority.
Your PR team should work on leveraging both offline and online channels to increase your brand name recognition and citations, which will result in better search rankings.

Amplifying Your Content

When a certain page generates a lot of social shares, Google considers it to be more valuable to the searcher and starts ranking it higher for relevant terms.
After all, if some group of users thinks it’s great, then their peers are likely to engage with it, too.
Amplifying your content reach and creating viral stories is part of the PR team’s job. First, there’s good old newsjacking  to push your brand forward. Next, there’s targeted media and influencer outreach, which should result in your content being shared and endorsed by key industry players.
These are just the three ways PR can help you improve your SEO activity. You can learn more about DISPRUPTIVE approach to marketing for start-ups here.